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Why Use Timber Frames?

Timber frames are becoming more and more popular across British Columbia. Timber frames are a simple, cost-efficient, and efficient way to build the structure of a home. Additionally, timber frames offer numerous benefits that make them a favorite amongst developers and homeowners.

Timber frames are considered the greenest and most sustainable way of building a structure. When you pair that with its premium aesthetics, durability, and flexibility, the benefits of timber frames become much clearer.

Why Use Timber Frames?


Timber frame homes offer a more refined and premium look than traditional metal frame homes. Although traditionally designed with a more natural, rustic feel, timber frames have begun to add touches of modern appeal. This trend is particularly true for both new construction and remodeling projects.

The potential for custom finishes also contributes to the aesthetic benefits of timber frame construction. Timber frames are often used in projects that intend to incorporate unique architecture solutions or modern interior design ideas into the home.


Timber frame homes are an affordable way to create a durable building frame. In addition, timber frame construction is much less labor-intensive than metal frame homes. The affordability of timber makes it an attractive option for people trying to save money on labor-intensive projects or building renovations.

Environmentally Friendly

Timber frame buildings consume less energy during construction than traditional steel-built homes because fewer parts and pieces are involved in the process.

The use of locally sourced materials also minimizes transportation costs and reduces the impact of construction on our environment. Timber frames also require few, if any, chemicals or additives during the construction process.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to using timber framing. If you want to learn more about timber frames, contact us today.

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