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Remote Timber Packages


Our experienced team will work with you or your architect to bring your timber dreams to reality.

Through the years we have developed and become specialists in building in these spectacular remote locations. Kettle River Timberworks provides state-of-the-art 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and photorealistic rendering programs to design, communicate and construct our timber frame homes for our clients.

Our 3D software enables the customer to see what the finished product will look and work through details before committing saw to timber.

All of our projects are custom designed packages we supply to your contractor or install as part of our client’s projects.


Complicated logistics is our specialty.

Many of the timber frame projects Kettle River has built over the years have been on remote sites.

We have extensive logistical knowledge moving and setting timber in these remote locations including trucking, barging and helicoptering.

Over the years we also have developed lifting techniques that these unique sites pose where crane access is restricted or impossible. Complicated logistics are our specialty whether it’s a timber frame on a remote B.C. island or on a distant mountain top.


Expertly installed on-site, no matter where your site is.

From developing a step by step raising plan for erecting timber and panels to final inspections, Kettle River provides the project coordination and expertise you need. We will perform regular site visits to ensure seamless coordination with the general contractor as they build the foundation and platform. Once on-site, our crew will get to work raising SIPs and connecting the timbers according to the structural engineers’ requirements. Our detailed planning and design and logistics will ensure an efficient install.

Helicopter Footage

Video of a helicopter strategically unloading material from a barge when we were building a remote cabin on Nelson Island.