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Timber Structures


Barns are unique, versatile, and often massive structures that have a broad range of uses. No matter if you need a home for your animals, a place for your car collection or you need a big space for parties, Kettle River Timberworks can build a timber frame barn that adds charm to your property.

Take a look at this quaint barn we built in residential Vancouver.

Outdoor Kitchens

Why would you want to be inside cooking when you have the perfect outdoor space? Moving the amenities under a beautiful timber structure and stretching the season, with built-in gas or propane grills, sinks, storage drawers, and cupboards, and refrigerators, let you enjoy your outdoor space more.

Take a look at some of the outdoor living spaces Kettle river Timber has created!


Gazebos provide an architectural centrepiece as well as a cozy sheltered space. Gazebos have a solid roof and partially open sides. Typically, gazebos are octagon or oval-shaped, but there are some rectangular designs as well.

Check out this practical and ‘Gloriously’ attractive gazebo project.


Pavilions provide outdoor shelter with an unobstructed view. Timber frame pavilions are a great way to shelter a large area that harmonizes with the natural landscape. The Kettle River Timber team will help you find the technology paired with traditional building methods to achieve the perfect outdoor space.