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Kettle River Timberworks In The Community

The crew at Kettle River Timberworks are passionate about helping the community and the craft of timber framing.

They can often be found doing volunteer work to improve their skills and promote the craft.  Much of this work is done through the Timber Framers Guild of North America.

Salem Pavilion

Salem, Oregon, USA

In 2005, Dave Petrina joined 50 other members of the Timber Framers Guild of North America to build this 2500 sq. ft. outdoor pavilion in the heart of Salem, Oregon.  Dave and the other timber framers spent 2 weeks hand cutting and raising this spectacular structure.

Bayles Boat House

Port Jefferson, New York, USA

Working alongside 35 other timber framers from around North America, Dave Petrina spent 2 weeks handcrafting the timbers to build a beautiful boat building workshop for the community of Port Jefferson, New York, to celebrate their long history of wooden boat building.  The timber framers were billeted by the residence of the community.

Central Suriname Nature Reserve

Suriname, South America

In 2005, members of the Timber Framers Guild in collaboration with Conservation International, travelled deep into the heart of the UNESCO designated Central Suriname Nature Reserve.  16 timber framers from around the world placed their names in a hat for the opportunity to travel to this remote tropical island to take part in a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to hand raise a hardwood timber frame.  Over the course of 3 weeks, Andrew Preston from Kettle River Timberworks worked with the other volunteer timber framers and 12 locals to raise a 3 story pavilion, which will act as a gateway for the nature-based tourism industry in the reserve.