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What Exactly Is Meant by Timber-Steel Integration?

Timber is a beautiful, sustainable, and versatile construction material. Unfortunately, timber is not a perfect material, and there is one major drawback.

With BC residing in a seismic zone, it is essential to consider how timber structures will perform during an earthquake. Timber frames alone may not be enough to resist the lateral forces of a powerful earthquake.

One way to increase the performance and durability of timber structures is to integrate steel into the design. Many premium designers are now fabricating steel and timber together to combine the durability of steel with the aesthetics of wood.

How Does Timber-Steel Integration Work?

In its simplest form, timber-steel integration refers to the use of both materials in the construction of a building or other structure.

There are a few different ways that steel can be integrated into timber structures. The most common method is to use steel connectors to join timber pieces together. These steel fasteners create a much stronger connection than traditional timber-to-timber joinery.

Another way to integrate steel into timber structures is to use steel columns or beams in combination with timber framing. Combining timber and steel can be an effective way to create a robust and durable frame.

Where Can I Find Timber-Steel Framing in Greater Vancouver?

Kettle River Timberworks is a leading provider of timber-steel integration in the Greater Vancouver area. We have extensive experience working with both materials and can create a custom solution for your project.

Visit our website to learn more about timber-steel integration or our other services.

Kettle River Timberworks is an award-winning expert in custom design, technical fabrication, logistical planning and installation of stunning architectural Timberwork, Post & Beam, and Timber Frames throughout British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.

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