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Environmental Benefits of Using Heavy Timber in Construction

When developing a home, business, or multi-family residential building, the first question to answer is the building material used, with some of the most common materials being wood, brick, steel, and concrete.

In the past, the main differing criteria were price and availability. However, this is changing in British Columbia as the provincial government emphasizes achieving its path toward net-zero emissions by 2050.

British Columbia is continuing to change its building regulations and is now incentivizing the use of certain materials. These changes have made heavy timber the go-to choice for new construction buildings in BC because of its impressive environmental benefits, which include the following:

  • Reduced Carbon Emission for the Province
  • Cleaner Air Inside the Building
  • Fewer Resources Used in Production
  • Developed in a Sustainable Manner
  • After Usage, Heavy Timber can be Recycled

These are just some environmental benefits of using wood for a construction project. It should also be noted that wood is incredibly durable and offers equivalent seismic performance to concrete and steel but at a much lighter weight.

How to Find a Mass Timber Construction Company in BC

As you can see, mass timber provides a handful of immediate and lasting environmental benefits to residents of the building and the environment as a whole. If you are considering using heavy timber for your construction project, Kettle River Timber is here to help.

At Kettle River Timber, we are an award-winning team located in British Columbia. Our team of experts has fabricated and installed mass timber frames, decks, trusses, staircases, and much more. Contact us today to harness the performance and environmental benefits of heavy timber.

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Kettle River Timberworks is the experienced and dedicated partner you need to build your dream timber frame home.

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