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Design Considerations for Heavy Timber Construction Projects

Thanks to local BC initiatives and a focus on sustainable building materials, heavy timber has spread across the province and is now used for residential and business properties. It is not just the environmental benefits that have made heavy timber so popular, as it is also highly customizable and fire-resistant.

You have a lot of flexibility when using heavy timber in your construction project. Just make sure you pay attention to the two major considerations below.

The Thickness of Heavy Timber Components

From the framing to railings to trusses, there are a handful of ways to incorporate heavy timber into your home. However, some elements need to be thicker than others. In general, most mass timber components are at least 5 inches thick, but structural components can be twice as wide.

The thickness of a mass timber component is also connected with the FRR (fire-resistance rating). The thicker the material, the higher the fire resistance. If you are using heavy timber for the outside of your home, load-bearing walls, or inside the kitchen, prioritizing high fire resistance is crucial.

Where The Heavy Timber is Fabricated

The fabrication process directly influences the design, thickness, and quality of any mass timber component. Therefore, working with an established company, such as Kettle River Timber, is essential. We can manage your timber fabrication requirements, including milling and radio frequency drying.

We cut timber components using a state-of-the-art 5-axis computer-controlled machine (CNC) to ensure exacting joinery. All joinery is pre-designed in 3D CAD and engineered before cutting any timbers. This process ensures that joinery on all mating timbers components is consistent with the design specification.

Kettle River Timberworks is an award-winning expert in custom design, technical fabrication, logistical planning and installation of stunning architectural Timberwork, Post & Beam, and Timber Frames throughout British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.

Kettle River Timberworks is the experienced and dedicated partner you need to build your dream timber frame home.

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