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Remote Retreat

Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada

This project was a Kettle River favourite. Our involvement extended from design, working closely with the architect, through to construction on this remote island. The frame has some unique details such as the reciprocally framed mezzanine, which is hung from the roof by steel rods eliminating any posts below. The glazing in the great room was detailed by Kettle River with the glass panes mounted directly on the timber. Massive timber slab benches are also incorporated into the great room timbers. The entire structure sits on piers pinned directly to the bedrock thereby eliminating the need for transporting too much concrete to the island location. The client was very hands-on in the entire project with a passion for the marine location and an engineer’s attention to detail.

Location Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada
Builder Kettle River Timberworks with Jamie Raglan
Home Design Maureen Berris, Kettle River Timberworks