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At Kettle River Timberworks, we use sustainably harvested coastal Douglas fir timber. The timbers are graded for both structure and appearance and are dried using a patented microwave process in Squamish B.C. This HeartdryTM process insures that timbers remain stable and accurate from the day it’s installed and beyond. Many of our competitors use lower grade fir timber from interior forests and forgo the costly process of dry or only achieve surface drying in a conventional kiln or by air drying. These green or partially dried timbers are susceptible to twisting and checking (longitudinal cracking that occurs when timber shrinks during drying). The interior Douglas fir tends to have more of a red-white mottled appearance and more frequent knots and unsightly knot clusters.

Our timber frames are cut using a state-of-the-art 5-axis computer controlled automated milling equipment ensuring exacting joinery. All joinery is pre-designed in 3D CAD and engineered before cutting any timbers. This process ensures that all joinery on all mating timbers is accurately cut as per the design specification.

All our timber frames are pre-stained in the climatic controlled shop to the client’s specification before being numbered, packaged and shipped to the building site.


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