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Our expertise in detail design and 3D CAD modeling allows us to seamlessly integrate non-timber elements with our B.C. timber frames. This includes:

•  SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels)
Structural Insulated panels are a clever, energy efficient, labour efficient way of enclosing your timber frame structure. SIPs are prefabricated roof and wall panels consisting of an outer and inner layer of OSB sandwiching an insulating layer of Styrofoam. Our panels are prefabricated in Delta, B.C. by our supplier Insulspan using their computerized milling equipment (similar to the machinery used to cut our timbers). Panels are prefabricated with all door and window openings as well as wiring chases and complex roof geometry. This allows for panels to install very quickly. Our ability to design with 3D CAD files and share these files with our timber and SIP supplier ensures that the panels and timbers fit like a glove.











•  Windows
Kettle River can specify, supply and install your window and door package. By integrating the window specification into our 3D design process, we can ensure the windows fit accurately with the pre-fabricated SIP panels. We can also pre-check the design for potential design issues; such as flashing problems, trim problems, sight-line problems; before committing to expensive windows.

•  Direct Glazing
Recently Kettle River has developed a clever system for integrating glazing directly on our timberwork. We call this ‘direct-glazing’. The benefits are multiple. Foremost, it looks phenomenal. Mounting the glass directly on the timberwork eliminates complicated trim details usually applied around windows – the result is all you see is timber and glass. Another benefit is the cost – because we are only ordering glass units (double glazed, low –E units) and are eliminating much of the labour and materials associated with ‘trimming out’ windows – the cost savings are substantial compared to installing wood windows in the same configuration.
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•  Wrought Ironwork
Simple materials and hand craftsmanship go together well. Take for example, stonework, ironwork and timberwork. That’s why we’ve developed a relationship with a master blacksmith and have integrated his beautiful work into our projects.

•  Steel Fabrication
To meet modern building codes, especially in high seismic areas such as the west coast, often requires integrating fabricated steel and steel fasteners into our timberwork. Often this steel is cleverly hidden in the timber maintaining the traditional ‘all-wood’ timber frame style. Occasionally, this steel is celebrated as an architectural feature. Kettle River’s designers and fabricators are experts in specify these materials and integrating them into the timberwork.










•  Staircases
Often a central showpiece of a timber frame home, staircases can be beautiful and stunning but require specialized design and fabrication to ensure they meet the aesthetic of the home and most importantly, meet the strict building codes that govern their design. Again, Kettle River’s design expertise and sophisticated design software makes us the right choice for supplying these elements.

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