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Kettle River Timberworks has appeared in numerous journals & publications. Included below are articles that appeared in The Times Colonist, Cottage Life West, Cottage Magazine, The Canadian Builders Quarterly and The New York Times.

TINY HOMES. Brilliantly and beautifully conquering all those hurdles — that’s really where Dave Petrina and his company, Kettle River Timberworks, shine. 

SCANTLINGS. The uniqueness and location challenges of the project, coupled with the amazing clients made this one of our favourite builds to date. 


TIMES COLONIST. It went together like Lego and was accurate to a 16th of an inch.  It is a deadly accurate process.

House Beautiful 2

TIMES COLONIST. The timber work was pretty amazing, especially the central cedar tree trunk, which is a metre in diameter at the base, and supports roof rafters that radiate out.

House Beautiful 1

COTTAGE LIFE WEST MAGAZINE. You go away for a couple weeks and start to think, ‘It can’t be that nice.’ Then you come back, and it is – every single time. 

Seduced by Sidney

COTTAGE MAGAZINE. The crew took a lot of pride in what they built. And of course there was also the whole adventure aspect of it—building on a remote location and the challenge of getting materials and the neat design details—that made it really interesting. 

Realizing An Island Dream

COTTAGE MAGAZINE. Many of us dream of owning a cabin on a remote island accessible only by boat, nestled in pristine wilderness and far from the madding crowd. While this kind of inaccessibility ensures peace and quiet, it also raises challenges when it comes to actually building that cabin. It all begins and ends with planning. 

CANADIAN BUILDERS QUARTERLY. According to David Petrina, owner of Kettle River Timberworks, building the perfect timber-frame home starts with choosing the right team. “Because timber-frame homes are almost always prebuilt in the shop, they require a higher level of planning and coordination prior to construction in the field.”

THE NEW YORK TIMES. The Bayles Boat Shed, whose frame is built of wooden timber with oak pegs instead of nails, is a modern link to the boat-building industry, which dates to the 1790s here. David G. Petrina of Vancouver, British Columbia. “These buildings are made by craftsmen and not just a bunch of guys with air nailers.”

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